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Who are we


Ever had an allergic reaction? I couldn’t even eat carrots. Since I was a teenager, my life was an endless string of allergy flare-ups.

Eating a raw carrot would make my lips swell up, and just being in the same room where someone was cutting potatoes would make my throat itch and eyes water. I took allergy medication, but my food allergies never got any better and my body was full of inflammation. 

I was finally diagnosed with Celiac in 2004 and committed to getting serious about my health by changing my diet. I started eating gluten free and Paleo and felt like a human again, not just a body full of allergies.

But when it came to yummy snacks, it was slim pickings. Especially when it came to protein snacks. I tried every kind of jerky my diet allowed, but they all tasted so… healthy. Eating clean shouldn’t mean ditching the flavor!

I craved real food for me and my kids. Not those “natural” products filled with fake ingredients (like yeast extract, maltodextrin, caramel color… and a bunch of words you can’t even pronounce.)

Luckily my husband Glen is a meat master extraordinaire. He went to work and crafted the most delicious, tender, allergen-free jerky. I could finally snack to my heart’s content.

We realized there was no other jerky out there like ours… high protein, low sodium, low sugar, allergen free, unique flavor profiles, and seriously tender texture.

So we decided to PREVAIL.

I’ve turned my health around through the power of real food.  I know I’m not alone. 85 million people in the world suffer from food allergies and auto immune disease. Life is hard, but having a tasty, top 8 allergen-free protein snack should be easy.

Let’s get our snack on.
Never settle. Always PREVAIL.

Ashley & Glen, Founders