"Seriously, what did you do? You delivered jerky nirvana in a bag. We love jerky in our house, but we have so many allergies that we rarely get to have any. We tried all four flavors, and your jerky is our super-duper favorite of all time. Not only is it soft and easy to eat, but dang, it's so good! How do you stuff all that flavor in there? Should I admit that I ate an entire bag of the Umami jerky in one sitting (without sharing with my kids). We immediately put in a subscription order, because we never want to be without it again. Thank you! You totally upped our allergy-friendly snacking game."

-Julie Miller

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We were REAL hungry & super snacky. With lots of food allergies. So what did we do? PREVAIL

As a family-owned biz, we know how tough it is to feed sensitive eaters (like,!).

We were tired of settling for bland, boring food just because we had food allergies. So we made our own.