PREVAILing Impact

We want to help you PREVAIL with food, but know that there is more we can do for others and our planet.

Getting allergy-free food can be tough when you don't have enough money to put food on the table. We've partnered the Food Equality Initiative, who focus is on special diets, so that people in need have access to real ingredient, allergy-friendly food. We are also a founding member of their 7% Fund where we can target food allergy specific food banks and send them our high protein snacks to give out to people in need. 
PREVAIL Jerky Partnerships

We’re also determined to leave the earth better for future generations. While it's not yet possible for us to use 100% recycled packaging for meat products due to shelf life constraints, we want to prevent excess plastic from polluting our precious oceans. We’re offsetting our plastic footprint unit for unit with CleanHub. For every bag of PREVAIL you buy, CleanHub collects plastic waste before it enters the oceans.